Sunday, July 19, 2009

Poseidon Revealed!

I believe it is ok to show this now. I had to wait 6 months but here it is. Admittedly I could have taken this further but it was done several nights in a row while trying to compose and edit the tutorial video, which were gruelling to do due to my slow computer. The process was fun, despite the fact and I got great comments on this. I would liked to have shown how photo-textures could have been integrated and how to better develop the composition of his environment but I had to speed through this and do this in a quick, streamlined fashion. One thing that would have been great is to explore more poses and lighting but oh well.

P.S. My favorite animal is an octopus that's why I chose this design. :P


jbachdesign said...

Whoa, super sick! I love this design!

Jason Scheier said...

This is awesome.. I love the design and flow to the painting.