Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Work-in-Progress Creature scuplture

Here is a rare Eric Ryan scuplture! I started this during a class I was taking with the master sculputor Jordu Schell. Yeah it needs lots of work and I was really excited to finish detailing this and cook it and put in up in my house somewhere to admire but unfortunately it will forever remain a WIP. The reason for this is that half way through I realized that the underlying armature was too thick and I couldn't carve away the detail I needed without revealing it. I definitely didn't want to add more Sculpey to compensate for this because it would take away from the thin lankiness of the creature I originally designed. UGH! Oh well. I wasn't even going to show this but after over a year's time I will put my pride away and show this WIP.
I am eventually going to redeem myself somewhat by doing a color version of the 2D concept. I wish I had the patience to sit down and remake this guy in Sculpey.

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