Thursday, May 6, 2010

Class Demos

Hey everyone, here are some quick demos I did in my class at Gnomon. The top image is a goofy alien with it's stomach on its back in the form of a transparent sack. The lower image is what my students and I have named the "Turtipede". It was a lesson in comparative anatomy, trying to merge two different species we know of (Turtle and Centipede) to form a new alien life form. Fun stuff.


Tyson Murphy said...

dang, i love me some turtlepede


I like the 2nd turtipede? concept!!

roughness and some nice texture brush!

Bryan Wynia said...

Amazing work! Really interesting creatures. Thanks for the inspiration.

Rubén Rivas Toribio said...

Wooow, impresive creatures!!!
Beautiful final art!!!